Machines and plants for winding reels, hanks, bars and bundles

Bar, bundle and coil wrapping machines

Customized standalone and in-line bundle wrapping machines

Customized standalone and in-line bundle wrapping machines

We manufacture standalone coil wrapping machines and complete customized systems suitable to wind coils, bars, bundles, rods and any other circular material with an internal hole. According to customers’ specific needs, our bundle wrapping machines can process bars and tubes in a wide variety of sizes, diameters and lengths. Furthermore, coils and bundles can be wrapped up in different materials such as paper, polythene, stretch films, coupled materials or any other material available in band or on reel and with heights ranging from 40 mm to 200 mm.

Our customized bundle wrapping machines are highly versatile and can process a wide variety of coils with the following dimensions:

  • Internal diameter ranging from 250mm to 2,000 mm;
  • External diameter varying from 350 mm to 3.000 mm;
  • Height ranging from 50 mm to 2,000 mm;
  • Weight varying from 2 kg to 5,000 kg and more

According to production needs, the winding system can operate both with the coil placed in a horizontal and vertical axis and it can work at floor level or at different heights.

The coil wrapping plant can also be completed or integrated with various interlocking and automation devices such as automatic translation devices, loading and unloading manipulators, weighing and labeling systems, quality control equipment and many more. Choosing the coil wrapping machine that best suits your needs is really important. Therefore, the choice should depend not only on the dimesions of the material to be wrapped but also on the production, automation and handling processes in which these machines will be inserted.

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